Form EEOC 154

How to Complete EEOC Form 154?

Many employees from different industries all over the world face the workplace discrimination due to various reasons such as age, sex, nationality, race, religion, color etc. If such an unpleasant situation happens, a staff member has to file a complaint where he/she should specify the details of a case. Here the form EEOC is required.

However, sometimes a person may change his/her opinion regarding such a complaint and may want to cancel it. To withdraw a charge of complaint it is necessary to fill out EEOC Form 154. In this article you are going to find all important information for creating a sample and submitting it according to the requirements.

What is the Purpose of EEOC Form 154?

This form is usually provided for persons who wish to withdraw their charge. The complaint itself should be submitted before you can file a job discrimination lawsuit against your employer or colleague. Later the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will consider the case and make its verdict. So, be sure to submit a 154 blank before the decision has been made. To organize the process of preparing a withdrawal properly we offer you to try a fillable digital template in PDF. It will give you an ability to create it quickly without wasting time on printing a paper and filling it by hand. Moreover, it is possible to submit a final version straight from the source to a recipient by email or fax.

How to Fill out the Online Sample?

With a digital template the process of creating will be a breeze. You just need to insert the requested data into empty fields and then save the changes. Refer to the list of information you have to provide in your application:

  • charge number and date;
  • aggrieved party;
  • respondents;
  • the detailed reason of a charge withdrawal;
  • current date;
  • preparer`s signature.

As this request is subject to the approval of the Commission, it will be considered and acted upon when received by this office. Be aware that at the moment of creating the EEOC 154 application the Commission is still prepared to proceed with your case if you desire.