Form EEOC 154

Steps to Create Form 154

Being an employee or just a person who is searching a new job you may face a work discrimination from your colleagues, boss or a prospective employer. If you got into such an unpleasant situation you have nothing to do but file the EEOC complaint. This document will help you to declare the facts of an abuse due to your religion, nationality, color, sex and some other criteria.

However, after filing this sample, your stuff members or a manager can take certain remedial measures and there will be no need anymore in your application. The next step will be a withdrawal of a previously submitted complaint. In this article you will find a detailed guide for preparing the EEOC Form 154, Request For Withdrawal of Charge of Discrimination.

Purpose of the EEOC Form 154

First of all, you have to know that without canceling your application of complaint, it will be still in force. So, it is critically important to submit a 154 template before the decision on the case has been made. After filing this sample the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will consider the issue arise and make its verdict. After you have decided to cancel your petition, you have to start creating a paper.

Step 1 - Searching for a Form Template

It is necessary to fill out a rejection as fast as it is possible to avoid undesired consequences. To create the EEOC 154 we offer you to choose a digital blank in PDF. It can be prepared and submitted online in a matter of minutes. If required, you can save a completed version to your computer or print out in seconds.

Step 2 - Providing the Required Details

After you got a fillable template, you have to fill it out with the appropriate information. Refer to the list of data below to prepare your withdrawal in compliance with the requirements:

  • charge number and date;
  • aggrieved party;
  • respondents;
  • reason of a charge withdrawal;
  • current date;
  • requester`s signature.

Step 3 - Signing a Completed EEOC Form 154

To make a final version of a sample legal you must sign it. Selecting a digital blank you are provided with an opportunity to add your signature electronically by typing, drawing, uploading or capturing it with a webcam. Once you finish, file your request with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You can submit it straight from the source by email or fax or print out for a hard copy and give it personally.