Form EEOC 154

Top Questions about Online EEOC 154 Form in PDF

An individual who created a charge of discrimination toward a colleague but has changed their mind may withdraw the claim. For this purpose he or she has to prepare a special form EEOC 154. This is a Request for Withdrawal of Charge of Discrimination. It is critically important to file this document before the final decision on the case has been made. Submit the statement to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where it will be kept for further consideration. Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions about its preparation.

How to Get EEOC 154 Form Online?

You can find a fillable blank online in PDF. It contains fillable fields to complete. Easily insert the required information and sign the ready document electronically. You are provided with ability to type your signature, draw, upload it or capture with your webcam. Submit the document electronically or print it if you want to mail a paper version.

What Details Should Be Included?

There are some steps to follow and important data to provide:

  • Enter a charge number and the date.
  • Include the names of all the individuals involved in the case.
  • Provide the explanation of your decision after the following sentence ‘I request the withdrawal of my charge because’.
  • Add the current date and the address of a recipient.
  • Put your signature.

Note that the statement has to be accompanied with another letter that includes the same information.

How to File EEOC 154 Form?

A formal complaint must be necessarily sent to the Director, Office of Equal Rights (OER) within 15 calendar days after the final counseling interview was performed. The complaint may be either accepted or dismissed. Anyway, if you want to withdraw the claim, send the 154 Form before the decision upon the case has been made. Send the withdrawal request to the person who is responsible for the investigation at the EEOC. If you have any other questions regarding your specific circumstances of the complaint process or timelines, contact an Equal Rights Officer.