Form EEOC 154

When to Fill out EEOC Form 154?

People who are employed or who are looking for a new job may face some kind of intolerance at work from their colleagues, managers or prospective employers. Such cases include discrimination against a person`s race, age, sex, nationality, color, religion etc. To request certain remedial actions it is required to prepare the EEOC complaint. After that the commission will consider the situation and will take a proper decision.

However, when an employee or a job seeker changes their opinion regarding the circumstances it is critically important to revoke such an application. Here you have to create online EEOC form 154, Request For Withdrawal of Charge of Discrimination. In order to accomplish the process of preparing a sample correctly we offer you to look through a short guide below.

What Information Do I Have to Furnish?

In case, you have decided to file a withdrawal, you should know that it is critically important to submit a 154 blank template before the decision on the case has been made by the commission. After you submit a request, the EEOC will consider it and will take an appropriate decision. In order to reach a desired result, an individual has to lay out in details the reason of such revocation and attach a letter that should include the same information. Refer to the items that must be furnished on a sample:

  • charge number and date;
  • aggrieved party;
  • respondents;
  • reason of a charge withdrawal;
  • current date;
  • applicant`s signature.

A completed template must be signed to be considered valid and legally-binding. Note that an application without signature can be rejected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

How to Create the EEOC Form 154 Online?

To prepare a form 154 blank much more quickly you can try a fillable template in PDF. You only need to specify the required details in the fillable fields and then save the changes. Moreover, you can make some edits to your file using a built-in PDF editor. You can easily add date, signature, blackout cross text in a sample.

One more key point of online EEOC form 154 blank is that you have an ability to certify it electronically. Put your e-sign in most appropriate way, i.e.:

  • by typing;
  • drawing or
  • uploading.